From the cathedral lobby to a World Heritage Site

The former Cathedral school has become the new Cathedral lobby and has been converted into the main entrance to this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Now, visitors can use the lobby to access the Cathedral, the Cathedral Museum and the Rose.

Also in this building, old and modern construction alternate. This means that the stone in the interior walls may be dated to as far back as the early Middle Ages with a vaulted cellar in the basement. However, glass walls are used to block off the lobby at the front, giving the relatively small space a feeling of space and light. Visitors can access the Thousand-Year Rose via the lower cloisters. The upper cloisters provide access to the new Cathedral Museum as well as being part of the exhibition, as the Lapidarium is built on the upper cloisters.

On August 15, the entrance hall will open at 2 p.m. and will be attended until 11 p.m.