The Hildesheim Cathedral crypt

The design of the Hildesheim Cathedal crypt dates back to the year 1061 and the construction of the cathedral under Bishop Hezilo. The latter permitted the crypt and the older circular crypt to be connected to a large, three-aisled space, that was reserved for what was then the Lady altar.

During the renovation works, the remains of the first Lady chapel of Louis the Pious were found under the eastern part of the crypt. The layout of this first chapel  can be discerned from the floor design of the crypt. The reliquary shrine of Bishop Godehard, who died in 1038, is in the western part of the crypt.

Circa 1770, the crypt was redesigned in baroque style. However, towards the end of the 19th century, it was re-adapted to suit its original Roman character.

Following reconstruction in1960, the crypt was used as a sacrament chapel. On reconstruction, access was cleared once again to the old entrances from the front of the high chancel.