The Cathedral Treasury

The treasury of  Hildesheim Cathedral is a collection of liturgical vessels, reliquaries, vestments and sculptural works, built up over the centuries and of exceptional rarity and international importance. The Treasury is part of the Hildesheim UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Hildesheim Reliquary of Mary dates back to the early period of the diocese and is associated with the legend of the founding of the Cathedral. Particularly precious items, including the Bernward Cross with its rich adornment of gemstones, the Precious Gospels of Bernward and the Ringelheim Crucifix, come from the time in which the diocese flourished under Bishop Bernward († 1022), while the Ratmann Sacramentary of 1159 dates from the time when he began to be venerated as a saint. A bust and an arm reliquary of St. Bernward date from the 13th century. From the Baroque era come magnificent monstrances and other items in gold and silver. Many of these works of art are still used in the Cathedral liturgy today on important feast days.