New locations for the Cathedral works of art

Old treasures, new locations: the Cathedral has been reorganised in line with the outstanding exhibits and the central location of worship. As part of this reorganisation, a number of works of art from the Middle Ages have received new places in the Hildesheim Bishop’s Church.

Blick in den neugestalteten Hildesheimer Dom.

The Hezilo chandelier is now hanging again in the central nave, its original location where it had hung for centuries.

In relation to the rearrangement, experts speak of liturgical axes that correspond to the church structure. The main axis stretches from West to East. It begins with the bronze Bernward’s Door that has returned from its location on the western external wall to its original place in the eastern wall of the Westparadies. The new organ has been installed above that.

The axis continues with the Roman baptismal font and the Hezilo chandelier that is now hanging again in the central nave, its original location where it had hung for centuries. The altar, the ambo, the Thietmar chandelier that has returned from the neighbouring former Antonius Church and the Irminsul with the new rock crystal cross complete the axis in the chancel.

A further axis runs underneath this with the crypt. Here are located the foundation reliquary of the Diocese of Hildesheim, the miraculous image of the Mother of God, the shrine of Gotthard and the new Bishop’s tomb with the burial niches of the deceased bishops of Hildesheim, Joseph Godehard Machens, Heinrich Maria Janssen and Dr. Josef Homeyer (reburial from St. Gotthard on the 2nd of November 2014).

The main altar of the internationally recognised artist Ulrich Rückriem has moved closer to the congregation and is now located directly above the shrine of Gotthard in the crypt.

The shrine of Epiphanius that contains the relics of the Cathedral patrons finds its place in the wall niche in the northern transept above the Cecilian chapel. Until the renovation of the Cathedral, the shrine stood underneath the altar slab of the old main altar.

The Bernward column has now returned to its place in the southern nave after the redesign of the church space.

The Inkpot Madonna (Tintenfassmadonna) that was created in 1430 has been restored and is now located at the left pillar of the chancel. Additional priceless exhibits have found their place in the Gothic side chapel with its groined vault.