Cathedral Musical Director Thomas Viezens

Cathedral Musical Director Thomas Viezens began his church music training under KMD Friedrich Isenbürger (retired).

Dommusikdirektor Thomas Viezens

During his schooldays in Helmstadt, studied Catholic church music at the Hanover University of Music and Drama (B exams; organ with Dietrich v. Amsberg, Prof. Harald Vogel, Hans-Joachim Rolf and Bernhard Schneider, choral conducting with Prof. Heinz Hennig) and at the University of the Arts Bremen (A exams 1992; organ with Martina Kürschner and Cathedral Organist Prof. Wolfgang Baumgratz, choral conducting with Prof. Wolfgang Helbich).

After completing his studies he was employed as cantor of the Hildesheim diocese from 1992 to 1997 and based in St. Ludwig, Celle.  Among other things, important aspects of his work included establishing and developing the Celle deanery church choir, founding the St Ludwig children’s choir and managing the construction of the new organ which was completed in 1998.

On 1 January 1998 he was appointed as Cathedral Organist at the Hohen Dom zu Hildesheim.  In April 2000 the Hildesheim Cathedral chapter appointed him as Cathedral Musical Director, responsible for managing music at the Hildesheimer Cathedral.  This includes managing the Cathedral Choir, the Chamber Choir, the Choral Schola's Schola Gregoriana and – since August 2010 – the Boys' Choir.

In addition, Thomas Viezens has been employed by the Hildesheim diocese as an organ specialist since 1992 and as a advisor with regard to liturgy for the Church Music Department since 1998.