The Chapel of St. Anne

The Chapel of St. Anne’s (Annenkappelle) is located to the east of the Cathedral apse on St. Anne’s Cemetery, which is surrounded by cloisters.


The Gothic Chapel of St. Anne in the cloisters and the rose tree

The cloisters in the east, the preceding buildings of which date back to the time of Bishop Gunthar, were completed around the middle of the 12th century. To the south, they border the Laurentius Chapel built by Bishop Udo in 1100, a three-aisled hall church with low cross-vaulted ceilings, that now constitutes the Adoration Chapel. In 1321, Bishop Otto II (1319-1331) commissioned the building of a small, purely Gothic chapel, located on the cemetery surrounded by cloisters, in honour of St. Anne, mother of the Virgin Mary. This is the first Gothic building in Hildesheim.